Developing my Skills

Throughout my education I have used collage and texture in different ways to create a range of artworks. However, I never felt totally content with my work because it was very heavily influenced by my tutors and didn’t reflect my personality. The consolidation project gave me the opportunity to explore different types of collage including mosaic, combining image and painting and textural works. This project allowed me to work the way I wanted because there were no boundaries and specifications like in school.

I decided to focus the development of my final outcome of the consolidation project on collages with a variety of different materials to create excitement and texture. As my theme was exploring female equality in history, I wanted my work to be textured but also have photos documenting history to give context. I decided to develop my skills of collage through this and used image, paper and paint to do so. Before focusing on my theme I produced collages with different themes and ideas to see how the collages turned out when uses these materials and techniques. This exercises helped me with my composition of the collages and how to create the right mood without overwhelming the work and covering up to much of the imagery. I focused on consumerism for the experimental’s, especially food consumption, because it was relevant to my constellation subject and has become something very important to me. I would like to explore and research this issue more throughout my degree. I wanted my collages to form a response from the audience as well as raising some awareness of the matter at hand, so I made the collages heavy and used a lot of red paint to create a harsh mood.

I feel my collage skills and techniques have improved through this project because I have been given more freedom to work in my own way and to explore and interpret the themes independently. My tutor gave us basic techniques which I feel I have bought on and developed into my own work. In the future, collage is a method of working which I may use because, it creates a busy interesting piece with lots imagery and emotions for the audience to look at and respond to.

Author: ninasartspace

Based in Cardiff studying Fine Art at the Metropolitan University. Originally from East Sussex. The career goal is Art Therapy with adults who suffer from PTSD and other mental issues which affect so many of us on a daily basis.

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