History in Her Eyes – Charcoal drawing

After a lot of decision making I decided to change my final independent piece because I wasn’t entirely happy with the eye painting I produced. It didn’t show my skills and I thought wasn’t as powerful as I thought it could be.

I haven’t been able to produce many charcoal drawings this year as part of my projects because I have been exploring different methods of art. So I went back to my roots and produced a charcoal artwork. I wanted to keep the theme similar to the collage work so I found an great image of an older woman who had many wrinkles and a lot of emotions in her eyes. I was fascinated by this image because it reminded me of the experiences and challenges many women have gone through throughout history and what some are still faces.

I find this kind of art is more expressive and shows my feelings on the subject more because I am able to make powerful emotional marks. I made the drawing so it wasn’t the full face to highlight the features and to focus the meaning on the emotion in the face and not the woman herself. I attempted to captured fear and a sense of the journey women have been through over the years.

Author: ninasartspace

A first year Fine Art degree student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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