Is a revealing photo pornographic? Does this affect my work?

Todays discussion looked at Cosey Fanny Totti’s photograph from Men Only magazine. Fanny Totti then displayed the work in an art gallery. Does this change the meaning of it?The environment in which the image is located in will influence the meaning and how it is perceived by the audience. If the images are found in a pornographic magazine they will be perceived as objectification because they are used for pleasure. For today’s society this is the norm. I don’t think the fact that women (AND MEN) being objectified in pornographic magazine is necessarily a bad thing. I believe this because the magazine is used for pleasure and in today’s society this is what the audience wants. Of course women should not just be objects in society and used for men’s dominant pleasure but these women in the magazine give consent to be used. Why would they take part in the multi-million sex industry if they didn’t enjoy it…even just a little bit?

There are some students on my course who believe the sex industry is wrong. They are extremely bias in the sense they believe, and I quote, “men are objectifying women and its disgusting, women don’t do it its only men” I agree that everyone is entitled to an opinion but I believe a fair argument should be enforced. Men are not the only ones to blame for this norm of objectification, women also do it to men! It is very stereotypical to say that women are the one objectified which is true but men are not the only ones to blame for this. The saying “she was asking for it” is so wrong. Women just be allowed to wear what she wants but she should understand that comments may be made. It works both ways, if a girl sees a man in something she likes, she’s likely to say something or give him a look. I don’t think this is wrong. Its society’s way of thinking and our cultural, men are not the problem, that have caused these norms. Many things need to change, not just men. The equality of men and women needs to be probably enforced in jobs and lifestyle and stereotypes.

This lecture does not directly feed into my development of practice because they are very different topics however, I did make me start to this about how the contact of a piece of work can affect the response of the work. I feel art can be anywhere for it to be art however, with todays society there may be a few concepts that some people feel should be in galleries for it to be considered art. In this case, nudity and sexual gestures should be otherwise it COULD be seen as pornography in some eyes and to some, extremist feminism.

Author: ninasartspace

Based in Cardiff studying Fine Art at the Metropolitan University. Originally from East Sussex. The career goal is Art Therapy with adults who suffer from PTSD and other mental issues which affect so many of us on a daily basis.

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