Development after the tutorial

The personal tutorial allowed me to talk about my work thoroughly with my tutors which has helped me to develop my ideas. I found it really useful because Sean has gave me his thoughts on my work and how I can develop it further. He took me off on a tangent which started to look into holes and tubes within the body. After this talk I started to look at images of Gastroscopy and endoscopy – where cameras are sent down through the asophagus and into the stomach. The images on google search are either very graphic and cringey or animated diagrams.

Level 5 is all about experimentation and developing many different ideas. I was advised to start to make quick drawings of tunnels and holes to attempt to create the 3D effect and the illusion that you are going somewhere through the artwork. I was advised to use charcoal (my favourite) so the blackness of it could form the shadows and illusions desired.

The tutorial has helped me to develop my ideas and concepts and has given me the motivation to continue.

Author: ninasartspace

Based in Cardiff studying Fine Art at the Metropolitan University. Originally from East Sussex. The career goal is Art Therapy with adults who suffer from PTSD and other mental issues which affect so many of us on a daily basis.

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