Time Lapse Experiment

For my final show I am thinking about including a video of myself producing a large scale drawing. I wanted to do this because I feel it will be able to show the physical movement I have to make in order to create my work. I feel with the video and my large drawings it will give the essence of what I am trying to get across to my audience. I want to show to the audience the physical and mental strength needed for this sort of work. I am experimenting with drawings of my own hands at the moment because I feel hands tell a lot about a person. Each part of your body has a recuperating part on the hand and so can tell a lot about the individual. I am also producing drawings of a friend looking at the way she can distort her body to show her ribs and bones.

I decided to experiment with film. Here I have experimented with a time lapse of a drawing because I thought it would be a good way to show this idea I have. Using a time lapse is interesting because not only does it allow me to see the way I work from a far but, also makes it a great way to show to the audience how I produce my work.

However, I want my video to be shown on an old-school TV in black and white. The time lapse idea is however, to modern day the machine and would cause controversy in my idea.

Time Lapse Experiment 1

1000 Blog Post to reflect only dissertation and how it has influenced my practice

What have I done well in my essay?

My dissertation is an interesting subject because the definition and ideas behind it was still somewhat unknown and there are many approaches which can be explored to try to find an answer. Many psychologists have expressed their own ideas based on the knowledge already known as well as their own experience of the subject. I was really interested in investigating a range if different psychologists and explore their approaches because it would help to broaden my own knowledge of the topic. It was really interested especially the views of Kramer and Naumburg because of how they perceive art therapy. Whether ‘art is therapy’ or a factor under psychotherapy is a debate which I have investigated in my dissertation because they are two views which present different ideologies. Each idea is bias to itself but having looked into them I believe they both hold strong factors which strengthen the definition of art therapy. The broadness of the definition is what I believe makes art therapy a fascinating subject to have picked for my dissertation. I wanted to explored a range of psychologists including the two above as well as Sigmund Freud and Elinor Ulman. The really interesting part about most of these theorist is, they are also artists who have either experienced the ‘powers of art’ or have seen the effects all those around them. The different experiences and study range in all ages, abilities and cultures which makes the subject more diverse.

As well as exploring these ideologies from psychologists, I also wanted to explore past and present artists who have suffered with mental illness and had/have evidenced it in their work. The reason for this chapter of the dissertation was to give evidence for the subject and to explore the different ways different artist have express their feelings and emotions. I wanted to include real examples of the topic and provide some supporting evidence for the different uses and ways of showing it. Their artwork paints a picture for the audience and conveys a range of emotions. I think this is interesting because it is evident in the work where they gain their inspiration from and how they are trying to make said inspiration visual. The visual depiction helps the painter, sculptor, to create the emotions and to almost give them an identity. I decided to used four different artists in the piece, past and current artists because I think it gave a wide enough variety of different people with totally different experiences. Van Gogh simply conveyed his mental state at the time in his paintings and choice colours, tones, shapes within the painting which he felt were right at the time. Tracey Emin however, using art as a reminder for her reckless antics in her life. The reminders are not there to bring back that moment on time but to express the importance of remembering the good and the bad times in your life.

What would I do in the future to improve my essay?

I want to continue exploring the subject by researching more psychologists, art therapists and artists who may not necessarily express they are using art as therapy but, who I think could be. I will also be carrying out work experience which will help me to understanding the subject more and have first hand involvement in a therapeutic setting. In the future I want to research the work of Naumburg and Kramer because I believe their different approach hold interesting and very relevant ideas. This will also open me up to more researchers and expanding the knowledge on the topic. By obtaining more information, I feel it will help me with different clients and enable me to adapt my guidance depending on the client. Whether I want to approach the client in a more ‘psychotherapeutic’ way or to focus on the idea that the art making itself is therapeutic. The more detailed exploration of psychologists will help me in the future with my own career and give me the base line to potentially publish my own ideas which could be the basis for someone else.

Summative Assessment 13th December 2019

Updated Artist Statement


  1. Large Scale Drawing

2. Life Drawing/dance class

3. Drawing with both Hands



  1. Alison Lambert
  2. Francis Bacon’s Life Drawings
  3. Francis Bacon’s Life Drawings
  4. Morgan O’Hara

Updated Artist Statement

As a Fine Artist, my work focusing on the exploration of human existence, looking at it anatomically as well as conceptually. I have explored the idea of our existence in a range of ways including, the universe and societal issues of body shape and anorexia but currently, I am looking into the expression of the human body through movement and distortion. I believe distorting the body enables you to truly see it. You need to look deeper, really seeing the body.

My current work looks at different anatomic parts of the through through the use of charcoal. Currently, the large scale static charcoal drawings I am producing are helping me to explore the physically and strength required by myself to produce such pieces. Along with this, I am almost exploring movement through the continuation of life drawing and attending dance schools to record the dynamics of the body.

I am fascinated by the way the body moves naturally in day to day life but I want to look at how we can purposely distort it to expose more and to begin to question emotions within the movements. Our bodies move, distorting our shape and contours forming interesting positions. I used charcoal and chalk in mist of my work because with the use of long fluid marks, you can begin to form movement in the work.

Self led life drawing class

Friday’s have allocated life drawing session organised by my tutors. This week was the final week and as the Wednesday taught classes are no longer on I decided to attend this class. I was the only student to attend the class and with no tutor to help me choose the poses and gesture to work with. This was quite daunting at first because I wasn’t sure where to start and what army of poses to ask the model to perform. Barry, the model, I’ve worked with before was so we worked very well together. Barry was great because he helped me with the different gestures as he understood I hadn’t led one before and so was very patient and understanding.

I really enjoyed this class because I was able to produce a range of drawings of different poses which were my ideas. I was able to personalise the class and dictate the different gestures and the timings of each one. I prefer short poses because I have to work quickly and so the marks hold so much more movement than longer poses where I take more time to produce the piece.

Drawing with both hands and responding to classical music

After my tutorial I was given Morgan O’Hara as an artist to look into. She responds to human activity through her drawing, if a person moves aggressively, the line will simultaneously be aggressive. The lines also following the direction of the activity.

I decided to take this idea but work with it using classical music. Classical music is so beneficial and along with scientific research is helps whilst studying. I isolated myself so I could only heard the music and using both hands, placed ink on paper and allowed my hands to freely respond to the music. I participated in an activity similar to this during my art foundation year and found it quite useful for my drawing. I found this exercise quite freeing and thoroughly enjoyed it because it allowed me to just focus on the music and how it made me feel.

Rubicon Dance School Class

On 29th November I visited two dance classes at Rubicon Dance School in Cardiff where I sat in a Ballet class and an Improvisation class. The classes involved the students carrying out tasks requested by their tutor which they performed to music. I really enjoyed this class because the students performed a range of different gestures and poses for me to draw. The class was not put on for me so these movements were genuine for their assessments and regular routines. I found it was quite challenging to draw in this situation because the gestures were only a split second so I needed to trust myself with my mark making. The seated poses gave me a little more time to get the outline of the pose because they were usually from the warm up or were slow movements whereas, the standing and jumping poses were so fast. I found by drawing the angle of the movement with a straight line which runs through the centre of the body was the easiest way to record the movement before going back when I had more time to draw it. I started with pencil but quickly moved to using inked pens because they were easier to work with in this situation and allowed me to start incorporating colour.

The reason for participating in this activity was to broaden my portfolio of human body drawing and to start looking at movement after life drawing. The muscles tense and the body moves in different ways in dynamic movements and so I wanted to explore this to help strengthen my knowledge and understanding of bodily movements.

I have asked to return to the studio to sit in more classes so I can record more poses.