The Oceania exhibition talked about the intriguing work created by natives to the Polynesian, Melanesian and Micronesian Islands. The work ranged from before they were colonised to a time in which they were. The art was not just for pleasure and display for used in daily life including canoes, paddles and shields and for ceremonies and rituals. Much of the work is believed to hold spiritual power which gives it a whole new meaning to the people.

After the arrival of LT (later Captain) James Cook and colonisation by The Europeans, the art changed as the natives began to adapt to new technologies and ideologies brought over. Drawings and paintings one paper became more dominant in the cultural. Not only this, the ideas in the art changed, the colonisation meant the lands and people were exploited, new diseases were brought over, life was hard.

As you walk through the exhibition, you can see the changes through time. The new technologies, the new ideas, the new feelings felt by these people. It was a interesting visit with some beautiful artwork which gave you an insight into the cultural of the Asian community through time.

Danny Quirk

Danny Quirk is a newly graduated contemporary artist I came across who’s work I found so inspiring and interesting to look at. Quirk uses latex, acrylic and sharp directly onto the skin to create his art. He conveys the inside of the body on the skin which gives the illusion the person has lost their skin and the inside is exposed. I decided to contact him and he stated that the reason he draws directly onto the skin is because “it brings the textbooks to life and makes anatomy more interactive”.

As well as drawing directly onto the skin, Quirk creates water colour and oil portrait paintings which portray the individual pulling their skin away to reveal the inside of the human body. The individual is almost dissecting their own body to show their insides making each portrait quite personal for the model. Quirk talks about how his work can often be perceived as being “on the darker side” however, he states about it is “about exploration”.

I found his work inspiring for the pathway of my work because he also looks at the inside of the body to help develop his understanding of the human body. It was really helpful to contact the artist himself and ask him few questions about this work and there reasons behind it.


Development after the tutorial

The personal tutorial allowed me to talk about my work thoroughly with my tutors which has helped me to develop my ideas. I found it really useful because Sean has gave me his thoughts on my work and how I can develop it further. He took me off on a tangent which started to look into holes and tubes within the body. After this talk I started to look at images of Gastroscopy and endoscopy – where cameras are sent down through the asophagus and into the stomach. The images on google search are either very graphic and cringey or animated diagrams.

Level 5 is all about experimentation and developing many different ideas. I was advised to start to make quick drawings of tunnels and holes to attempt to create the 3D effect and the illusion that you are going somewhere through the artwork. I was advised to use charcoal (my favourite) so the blackness of it could form the shadows and illusions desired.

The tutorial has helped me to develop my ideas and concepts and has given me the motivation to continue.

Is a revealing photo pornographic? Does this affect my work?

Todays discussion looked at Cosey Fanny Totti’s photograph from¬†Men Only¬†magazine. Fanny Totti then displayed the work in an art gallery. Does this change the meaning of it?The environment in which the image is located in will influence the meaning and how it is perceived by the audience. If the images are found in a pornographic magazine they will be perceived as objectification because they are used for pleasure. For today’s society this is the norm. I don’t think the fact that women (AND MEN) being objectified in pornographic magazine is necessarily a bad thing. I believe this because the magazine is used for pleasure and in today’s society this is what the audience wants. Of course women should not just be objects in society and used for men’s dominant pleasure but these women in the magazine give consent to be used. Why would they take part in the multi-million sex industry if they didn’t enjoy it…even just a little bit?

There are some students on my course who believe the sex industry is wrong. They are extremely bias in the sense they believe, and I quote, “men are objectifying women and its disgusting, women don’t do it its only men” I agree that everyone is entitled to an opinion but I believe a fair argument should be enforced. Men are not the only ones to blame for this norm of objectification, women also do it to men! It is very stereotypical to say that women are the one objectified which is true but men are not the only ones to blame for this. The saying “she was asking for it” is so wrong. Women just be allowed to wear what she wants but she should understand that comments may be made. It works both ways, if a girl sees a man in something she likes, she’s likely to say something or give him a look. I don’t think this is wrong. Its society’s way of thinking and our cultural, men are not the problem, that have caused these norms. Many things need to change, not just men. The equality of men and women needs to be probably enforced in jobs and lifestyle and stereotypes.

This lecture does not directly feed into my development of practice because they are very different topics however, I did make me start to this about how the contact of a piece of work can affect the response of the work. I feel art can be anywhere for it to be art however, with todays society there may be a few concepts that some people feel should be in galleries for it to be considered art. In this case, nudity and sexual gestures should be otherwise it COULD be seen as pornography in some eyes and to some, extremist feminism.

The Universe in the eyes of an artist….me.

I have researched many different interpretations of the universe of contemporary non-contemporary artists which has given me a board understanding of how different artists see the extraordinary mystery outside of our world. I found the contemporary artists are very well-known, well at least to me because I’ve never explored this field of ideas. The non-contemporary or traditional artists are a lot more well know i.e. Vincent Van Gogh!

Using the original image [pain – echo – tree] and the idea of the universe developed by a student on my course as an exercise, I started to develop my own ideas. I love the colours used in the image, the purples, the blacks and the blues so I have decided to incorporate them into my work. Io interpreted my work as explosives and the sky. I took this further and research space and the mystery of what is outside of our world. There are many theories about other life in the universe, other planets with similar life forms? I believe there could be something else out there! Although humans are such intelligently evolved complex forms, we cannot be the only ones in these insanely huge universe. I started to think about portals into other dimensions with the theories on these internet. The colours I wanted to use would work well blended together to form a 3D portal into something unknown. I feel this fascinating and exciting!

I have never been bog on painting but this process has been interesting and I can started to move onto the more detailed stage of the painting. This could be something really interesting and exciting to look at! I’ll keep you posted!!

The Universe

The universe. We know more about it than we do our own oceans and yet it is still one of the most mysterious concepts. The Earth is hundreds of millions of years old and humans have been around for around 200,000 years. You would have thought with all that time we would know more about our universe and whats outside of the world. I believe there is definitely more out there than just us but what else there is is a mystery. I think with improving technology and the developing scientific knowledge of humanity we will be able to gain a better understanding of the universe. However, I do think the mystery of the universe is interesting and maybe we shouldn’t know everything about it.

Many artists have explore the concept of the universe through animation, painting, draw and film. As there is little information on the universe, the imagination plays a key role in the interpretation of space.

Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘Starry Nights’ conveys the nights sky from his asylum room. Van Gogh was a very unstable soul but he didn’t create some very interesting work. This painting [below] shows his imagination of the universe. During his time there was very little information of the universe and life outside of our world. The colours and texture Van Gogh creates, portray a portal to another universe… or could it be to another world. The imagination can be expressed so well through art whether its about something we know very little about or something we now much.



Responding to the Response

After a week of creating work from another’s image, we exchanged works and were tasked to response to this. Having worked with Io’s image I really started to build a strong idea I want to develop and explore. Although I have brought together some great ideas for this, I need to work with my original image.

I felt Io took my image in a very different direction to what I was originally thinking about. She interpreted the work as the universe and explosions. I thought the piece was very peaceful and calm with the colours and tones of the piece. The purples, blues and blacks along with the figurative shapes create the mystery in the work and the running ink helps to bring the whole piece together.

pain tree echo.jpg

Once why I received Io’s response back, I was quite worried because it was very different to my style of work and I wasn’t too sure how to go forward. The 1 hour response task proved pretty difficult because I had NO IDEA what to do!! It took a while, but 45 minutes in and I GOT AN IDEA!! I started to combine the waves and tides I had created in my response piece with the colours of my original image and began to see black holes and the universe. I started to understand where Io was going. It reminded me of the universe in our minds – our thoughts, emotions, experiences – and how it forms our personality.

I have decided I will be painting with idea onto a canvas as it will enable me to blend the colours more easily and be create a vibrant piece. Im hoping this will be an interesting artwork as well as developing my ideas further.