Summer Work

For my summer project piece, I cannot find anything in my environment which truly inspired me to start my third year of university. I started to think back to my final project of my second year where I looked into dancers’ bodies. I am fascinated about the human body and the self because mental and physical health is such an important factor of life. Having control or being content with your mental and physical health is so important because is the glue which holds our lives together. Being content and happy with ones self, one is able to present themselves to world and socialise creating relationships and love in order to live their life to the fullest. I wanted to look at factors which couldn’t hinder or prevent us from living this life. This could include trauma, family life etc. Body image is advertised everywhere, in magazines, newspaper, the internet, tv programs; it is even in the conversations of ten year olds these days. It is frightening that body image is becoming such a factor in young peoples minds and preventing them from living their best life.

I started to look at the work of Jenny Saville who looks into body image. In her work, she mostly uses her own body. The works are distorted painting of her naked body. I found her work fascinated because she is challenging this idea of the ‘perfect’ body type. I am going to look into the ‘perfect’ body type within the last 100 years and how it has changed throughout the years.

jenny saville 2
Jenny Saville, Prop, 1993